The Proud Parent of EZ Name Change and

The #1 Rated Name Change Service.....anywhere!

NATIONWIDE LEGAL NETWORK has been in the Legal Services business, in California, since 1982. Starting in 2011, we developed EZ Name Change to help California residents with personal name changes of every type: Adult, Child, Family, Transgender, Maiden and others.

Nationwide Legal Network dba EZ Name Change is now exclusively in the Legal Name Change business, assisting California Residents up and down the state through  Since 2012, we become the only California Name Change Specialist and the only 5-Star Rated Name Change Service on YELP . This is life-changing, and in a good way:)

For now, we are only focused on supporting California Residents with Legal Name Change Petition services. However, we have helped people with Legal Name Change in each of the Western United States now. When we can be assured it won’t lessen the quality of our services to California Residents, we do plan to add more States and other complimentary services to those we offer now. Can we help you yet?

We get to help people reach their Name Change goals. How great is that?